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Gergely “Dudolf” Dudás is one of the most skilled illustrators that we have ever seen. He’s got a unique way of presenting his work that really draws you in. Once you take a closer look at the illustrations that he has to offer, you won’t be able to believe your eyes. He’s drawn other creations, like snails and squirrels, and each has items that don’t belong.

His newest image just might be his best one yet, though. There is a group of stags in the photo and a doe happens to be hiding in between them. From the looks of it, this might be the toughest brain teaser that he has created as of yet.

Those who have studied the image in question may have come to an obvious conclusion. There is one key difference between the stags and the doe. The lack of antlers! You may have to study the picture pretty closely to find it but trust us….it is there. There are lots of deer heads to look over, so you may need to clear out your schedule for a little bit.

Can You find a DOE among the stags? 🦌🍂👉 For better resolution and the SOLUTION go to share this if You like it! Thank You!Have a nice day! :)

Posted by Gergely Dudás – Dudolf on Monday, September 28, 2020

All jokes aside, there are few things that make us happier than solving a brain teaser of this magnitude. Those who are feeling impatient may want to head to the bottom of the page. This is not nearly as rewarding as figuring out the puzzle yourselves but it can save you a great deal of time and agony.

There are already so many puzzles like these out there, it can be hard to zero in on the very best ones. Dudolf’s work definitely stands apart, though. This isn’t the only illustration from this man that is based on the holidays. Here’s got one with Santa Clause, and another with snowmen.

These timeless classics need to be recommended to anyone who is looking to kill some time during this holiday season on an awesome puzzle. Looking for more ways to keep your mind sharp during the quarantine period? Please be sure to check out all of the puzzles Dudolf has to offer!

Photo: Gergely Dudás – Dudolf
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