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If you are in and around the Boston area and in need of a kettle-boiled New York style bagel, you are in luck, the good people at Finagle a Bagel have got you covered.

Like many other bagel shops, they have an excellent menu that is filled with all sorts of incredible options. They have deli-style sandwiches, lots of delicious eats, and a wide range of flavored cream cheeses.

Photo: Unsplash

So what makes them so different from the average bagel shop? They have a very unique method for cutting their bagels. They use a side-mounted buzzsaw, which is something that we have never seen before….at least not in this context. When the bagel is sent down the conveyor belt, it’s sliced perfectly in two the moment it reaches the buzzsaw.

Photo: YouTube /phantomgourmet

Despite how effective the technique is, the people at Finagle Bagel did issue a warning on their Instagram, saying: “Don’t try this at home – leave it to the Finagle Bagel professionals!” After all, the bagels are flung at 75mph after hitting the saw.

We know that we should not be fantasizing about having one in our own kitchen but we cannot help ourselves. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy perfectly sliced bagels in the comfort of their own home?

Photo: Unsplash

Bagel lovers from all over the country are sure to love watching the slicer in action. What’s your favorite bagel or bagel sandwich to grab from the local bagel shop each morning? We love an everything bagel with lots and lots of cream cheese if we are being totally honest. Watch the bagel slicer in action in the video below:

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