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Germs spread quickly, even when we are not able to see them ourselves. They get around so easily, don’t they? NHK is a Japanese public broadcasting company decided to conduct an experiment to that effect. Black light was used to showcase the spread of germs. Health experts provided assistance with the experiment, which was designed to spread coronavirus awareness.

This virus can spread rapidly when a crowd of people are congregated in a buffet restaurant setting. When you are on a cruise ship, you are particularly susceptible to these concerns. The experiment provided some startling results. Can you believe that one out of every ten participants was actually “infected”? It’s a scary situation, for sure.

Photo: Screenshot

Invisible fluorescent paint was used as a representative for the germs that we are trying to protect ourselves from. Once the paint was applied to everyone’s hands, they were given the chance to freely enjoy the food provided by the buffet. It only took 30 minutes for the “germs” to start to spread. The aforementioned black light was used to reveal the full extent of the spread.

Within no time at all, the germs had been given the chance to spread to the participants’ hands, clothes, faces, and foods. Even their serving utensils were not safe. This experiment definitely places people’s desire to continue eating out in perspective. While it’s not exactly the newest concept under the sun, people need to see how fast germs can spread in this sort of setting.

A second experiment was conducted by NHK. In this experiment, the surfaces that were touched on a most frequent basis were being replaced and the participants washed their hands before they began to eat. The “germs” were not able to spread as quickly as they did in the original setting. Hand hygiene is one of the best ways to slow the spread of the disease, as many of us already know.

John Nicholls is Hong Kong University’s clinical professor in pathology. When he spoke to CNN, he emphasized the spread of the germs and how efficiently they are able to travel. If we are not willing to take the proper steps to keep each other safe, there is no telling how fast the germs will spread. That’s why it is important to take any and all precautions when it comes to our personal hygiene. We all have a personal responsibility to help each other during these challenging times. Pass this study along!

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