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TikTok is where people post some of the strangest videos. These include short dance videos, practical jokes, and almost anything that will distract you and keep you engaged for hours at a time. It seems as if it is also where Bill Nye, the Science Guy, is posting his videos at the moment. They are similar to some of his old science lessons, including a new one that shows us how to make pizza dough using a water bottle.

The first step in the process is to put sugar in warm water inside a water bottle. After dissolving the sugar, a few teaspoons of yeast is added. A balloon is then put over the top of the bottle and he waits for the yeast to rise. Eventually, the concoction is transferred to a bowl where it will rise some more.

Photo: TikTok / billnye

After the pizza dough is prepared in such a way, he adds other ingredients, including spinach, pecorino romano, olive oil, and garlic. So as not to stick with only one type of pizza, he adds braised onions, salmon, and crème fraîche to the other half.

He then puts it in the oven and broils it on the lower rack. When it comes out, it looks perfect.


Consider the following… cooking is science! #TikTokFood #LearnOnTikTok #TikTokPartner

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People are loving what they see in the video and are commenting like crazy. One person would even like Bill Nye to team up with Gordon Ramsay for a cooking show!

At the end of the video, he reminds people that it’s science, not magic. If it tastes as good as it looks, I would say there is a little magic involved as well.

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