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Most of us love shopping at Whole Foods, but did you realize that the employees love the supermarket chain just as much as we do? In fact, there are a few items that seem to be more popular than others. The employees may not be able to put everything they want aside, but they do purchase most of the inventory of those items themselves.

If you would like a behind-the-scenes look at Whole Foods and what buzz is being generated by the employees, then check out these 15 items. They need to be on your list every time you go to the store.

Photo: Pixabay/PhotoshopTofs

1. 365 Everyday Value limited edition

Whole Foods Market private label always offers good value and quality. The team that is responsible for putting out those 365 Everyday Value products have also managed to launch a few limited-edition products as well.

These items may sound unusual, such as candy cane sandwich crème cookies or pumpkin cheesecake ice cream sandwiches, but they disappear off the shelf quickly. Some of them may also be seasonable. Just make sure you look and grab them when they are available.

2. Satsumas

If you love clementines, then satsumas are definitely something to keep on your list. They are slightly sweeter and delicate but they have a very bold taste. You can find them in the store during the prime citrus season and you will love how easy they are to peel and enjoy.

3. Cotton Candy Grapes

I’m sure that all of us have a favorite type of grape but if you enjoy something sweet, then you have to try cotton candy grapes. They may look like a traditional green grape, but the hybrid fruit has a cotton candy taste to it. The sweetness tends to linger on the pallet so they make a fantastic snack.

4. Parmigiano Reggiano

The Emilia Romagna region of Italy is a stopping point for the Whole Food Markets cheese team every year. They select wheels from 5 products, to ensure that they are offering us authentic cheese. When you purchase a wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano, you will see the proof of authenticity of a cheese that is made in a specific part of northern Italy. Only that cheese can bear the Parmigiano Reggiano name. You don’t need a lot to enjoy, just cut a small chunk and prepare for the awesomeness.

5. Grass-Fed Ground Beef

Every day, Whole Food’s butchers will produce this ground lean beef that comes from farms certified by the Global Animal Partnership’s 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating System. They are earth-friendly and make wonderful burgers.

6. Sommelier “Best in Class” Wines

The Master Sommelier for Whole Foods approves certain wines along with a team of global beverage buyers. You compare these wines in season, including some fantastic summer wines that are great when the weather gets warmer outside. You will typically find a discounted stock for a limited time, so make sure you grab them when they become available.

7. Supplements

You will find some of the highest quality supplements on the shelves at Whole Foods. You can even find competitive prices when the supplements go on sale.

8. Dr. Hauschka

If you are looking for a natural beauty care product, then you will want to check out the high-end Dr. Hauschka products. Whole Foods sell these products and they typically go on sale for up to 40% off about twice a year. Employees tend to stock up during that time.

9. Champagne (ataulfo) Mangoes

As far as mangoes are concerned, these are some of the creamiest and most delicious. Most people will purchase the typical red or green-skinned mangoes but the yellow ataulfo is one of the favorites among employees of Whole Foods. They also tend to have a limited supply, so stock up and freeze them if necessary.

10. Sunscreen

The non-toxic sunscreens you find that Whole Foods are great. Check out the pre-summer sunscreen sale and stock up as much as you need.

11. Umeboshi Plums

Not only are these unique plums delicious, but they are also often used as a hangover cure.

12. Flowers

When a sale on flowers happens at Whole Foods, the deals are usually stellar. Employees watch for bargains, including prime members purchasing roses on Valentine’s Day.

13. In-House Roasted Coffee Beans

If you have a Whole Foods location near you that roasts coffee beans in-house, then you have the makings for some fantastic coffee. Employees will buy their coffee at the store and they always look for the “roasted on” date before purchasing.

14. Rainier Cherries (White Cherries)

You can stock up on these delicious treats, pit them, and freeze them for when you need a good snack.

15. Housewares on sale

You might be surprised by the number of quality housewares you will find at Whole Foods. They include everything from skillets to coffee brewing tools. Look for them to go on sale. Typically a huge sale happens once a year. Employees know about the great prices and stock up at that time.