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For most of us, 2020 meant working from home. And that came with plenty of perks – mostly getting to wear a never-ending stream of pjs and not having to bother with beauty regimes beyond basic hygiene. Personally, I haven’t worn a full face of makeup in roughly eight or nine months…I’ve lost count. Working from home has also meant that we’ve all had to become our own at home experts in certain fields. How many of us have become our own baristas?

But perhaps the biggest change that the pandemic brought has been the nightmarish task of trying to keep up with our hairstyling, given that many salons and spas have spent a majority of the year closed. While I, personally, did manage to squeeze in two cuts when my salon was open, 2020 was the year of attempting to trim my own bangs on a monthly basis.

Even though salons and spas have been closed, there have been plenty of people trying to get resourceful while at home as their own stylists. Judging by the Google’s end of the year search reports, there are lots of people who don’t want to let their beauty slip.

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Based on the top 10 trending beauty searches for 2020, everyone has been determined to keep up with their hair needs – even if it means taking matters into their own hands.

There has been plenty of at-home hair coloring, cutting, and general styling that has been taking place, and Google has been a source of knowledge for those wanting to be their own stylists at home.

Check out Google’s End of Year beauty list down below:

1. How to cut men’s hair at home
2. How to plop hair
3. How to color your hair at home
4. How to wash your hands
5. How to style curtain bangs
6. How to cut women’s hair
7. How to do knotless braids
8. How to fade hair
9. How to trim your own hair
10. How to dermaplane

What beauty tips did you google while under quarantine in 2020? Let us know!

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