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There is such a thing as timeless beauty, but as we know too well makeup trends can really shape the way we get ready. The beauty tips we once thought were infallible might seem odd for us today. We often get nostalgic for the way we used to dress and do our hair, but some of the advice on beauty we got back then doesn’t hold a candle to how we do things today!

Via/ State Archives of Florida


Eye shadow colors in the ’50s and ’60s came in limited ranges. The concept of a nude palette was still years away. Makeup advice in magazines and ads gave very specific instructions on how to choose the right color- by either your eye color or your hair color.

Via/ Flickr

Today we have the concept of spring, autumn, winter, and fall as color types. But, back then the colors were limited and usually strongly prescribed based on mid-century color theory. Ladies were often advised to wear the same color eyeshadow as their eyes or a contrasting color that might appear opposite on a color wheel.

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