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It’s June. It’s pride month. It’s the time of year where rainbows abound. A bakery in Lufkin, Texas, had shared a social media post of some of their baked goodies that were heart-shaped rainbow cookies.

The bakery, Confections, was very surprised to see that their post had received some negativity in response. In fact, it resulted in a cancellation of a pretty large order.

Photo: Facebook/Confections

They took to their Facebook to share the news of the negativity and cancelation, writing, “We received a very hateful message on our business page canceling a large order (5dz) of summer themed cookies for tomorrow morning (that we just finished decorating) because of a rainbow heart cookie we posted.”

After sharing their post, Confections was surprised yet again, this time by the outpouring of love and support from the community.

Photo: Facebook/Confections

In their post, the bakery had mentioned that they would have a surplus of cookies for anyone who wanted to stop by. This ended with many people showing up in droves to support the small business. They were very touched to see how much people cared, and this resulted in them completely selling out of everything.

As the Confections employees shared, there were various offers of donations from customers once they realized that there were no more baked goods available.

Photo: Unsplash

In fact, according to CBS NEWS, the bakery’s co-owner, Miranda Dolder, shared that they had received plenty of donations and were able to donate more than $600 to Blue Collar Mutts Rescue, which is a local animal rescue.

CBS NEWS further reported that the bakery is also coming up with plans to donate cookies to retirement and nursing homes for Father’s Day. How sweet!

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