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If you check any baby shower registry, you are guaranteed to find baby bottles on the list. These items are such a big necessity for parents who are formula-feeding their children. And while most parents probably don’t really pay attention to the aesthetics of the nipple options for their baby bottles, they’re actually all the same. Most of these bottles tend to be made with not much of a range of diversity.

But one company is hoping to change that. Mimijumi designs and produces a range of infant care products. One of the items that they’re rolling out are bottle tops that have darker nipples. The colors are meant to better coordinate with their mother’s skin tone. This will help reduce the possibility that babies reject the bottle once they are moved off of breastfeeding to the bottle.

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The mimijumi bottles are designed to facilitate bottle feeding since the tops are easy for babies to latch onto. And they are meant to help the baby control the flow of milk as well. But the bottles also have the parents’ best interests in mind as well, since they are meant to be easily prepared and as well as easily cleaned without needing a bottle brush. In addition, the mimijumi bottles have a special ventilation system to help reduce colic and are BPA, BPS, and chemical-free.

There are different types of mimijumi bottles to choose from, such as the 4-ounce Not So Hungry baby bottle or the 8-ounce Very Hungry baby bottle. There is also a starter set which includes both, as well as one replacement nipple. There have been various people who have used the mimijumi bottles and been quite pleased with them – with many stating that they make bottle feeding a much more stress-free undertaking.

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Plus, for many parents of color, the fact that the nipples are diverse is a major attraction, with one person leaving a review that the color of the nipple “helps with confusion for breastfed babies.” Another person left a review that mentioned that the mimijumi nipples have allowed their infant nephew to easily transition between the breast, the bottle, and back to the breast.

Another happy user mentioned that the mimijumi bottle would be the only bottle they’d be using for their child. And another happy mom stated that her “prayers have been answered.”

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how I feel when I realize it’s Monday and how I feel when I remember that it’s my favorite day of the week 😜 both pictures are a Monday mood for me. Love this adorable pic from @kenniquamona. That baby is so sweet 😍 #mondaymood #mondaymotivation #babygoals

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It’s nice to see that mimijumi is making more diverse products to suit parents and babies everywhere.

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