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When the holidays roll around, we are forced to assess our family situations. For some of us, a holiday get-together is a great chance to spend time with loved ones. For others, it is time to cringe at all of the awfulness that is about to unfold. Of course, we sure do love watching the drama from the sidelines. Since Thanksgiving is almost upon us, we thought that we would share this timeless classic.

Marney was placed in charge of the family Thanksgiving and she decided to write a letter to ensure maximum organization. This seemingly innocent dispatch took on a life of its own. The letter makes her seem very passive-aggressive. We’re not sure if this is her normal personality or if the holidays simply freak her out. Once a family member posted the letter on, the secret was out.

If you’d like to read the whole thing, it is well worth your time. We cannot stop laughing at the bit about turnips. While she’s definitely coming off a bit mean, facts are facts. No one comes to Thanksgiving and hopes that there will be lots and lots of turnips to eat. “I know this may come as a surprise to you but most of us hate turnips so don’t feel like you have to feed an army,” she said.

Photo: AwkwardFamilyPhotos

Sing it, sister! In addition to the turnip warning, she also let her guests know exactly which ice cream to bring, which also sounds like good planning on her part. For the most part, the letter itself is not offensive. It’s the tone that she takes. We need further background on this one, though. Is this her normal personality or was she particularly spastic that year?

Luckily for us, Marney is finally sitting down and giving an interview about the matter. She’s willing to provide further background on all of it! If you would like to know why she was being such a stickler about using lids instead of aluminum foil? Marney is more than happy to walk you through the science of it.

The interview is a must-watch, that is for sure. We love it when the viral stars who have provided us with so many laughs are willing to have a sense of humor about the whole thing. Every family has a Marney of their own and now you can send this clip to the Marney of your clan!