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2020 is the year that you can walk into a bank with a face-covering looking for money, and no one will bat an eye at you. That is because we’re living through a global pandemic. And as the COVID-19 virus makes its way around the world, many countries have been implementing mandatory face masks for those who are in public spaces as a means of trying to keep people safe.

While the covered face is the new normal of 2020 shopping trips and public transportation rides, it has also spiked a new word: maskne. The latest social media hashtag to begin trending evolved out of the two words, mask and acne. It has been used to describe the blemishes people are experiencing as a result of wearing masks.

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[N.] Mask-Ne: When your face Breaks Out because you have to wear a mask 24/7… 😷😷😷😷😷 ✔ Facials are a routine must to help aid this situation ☆ ☆ #maskacne #arkansasesthetician #fortsmithfacials #facialsareamust #healthyskin #esthetician #beauty101 #glowingskin #skincaretips #skincareadvice #womenofbeauty

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Based on the many posts across Instagram and other social media sites, the acne woes aren’t just limited to the teen demographic either. It’s even coming for those adults who’ve never battled a pimple in their life! Since face masks became the new normal, it’s quite common to see people posting about the return to their teen years, citing that their masks are the cause for their new breakouts.

While we all want to be able to wear our new masks comfortably in order to comply with safety guidelines, there still remains one question: what do we do about the maskne? How can we get ride of it or even prevent it from happening in the first place?

Up to offer some help with how to care for skin while under the mask was TLC’s beloved Dr. Pimple Popper. In the video below, she offers viewers some tips and tricks to keeping your face pimple-free even with a face-covering:

What do you think about maskne? What are your own personal tips and tricks to keeping your face free of breakouts while still responsibly wearing your mask in public? Let us know!

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