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Many people have switched over to non-dairy milks, whether it be for ethical reasons, environmental concerns, dairy sensitivity, or simply wanting a change of pace. Whether you’re the type of person who prefers soymilk or you are more of an oatmilk kind of guy, there are a vast variety of dairy-free milk alternatives on the market. Of course, not all milk alternatives are made equally, with noticeable differences in taste and texture between the different options.

Maybe you are still struggling to find the right alternative milk to meet your needs at the moment. Fortunately for you, there is a new option on the way that you will need to consider and it’s made from avocados. Avocadomilk is en route to U.S. stores and is slated to hit grocery store shelves next month, according to VegNews.

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still love looking at this.

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Avocadomilk is made from oats and freeze-dried avocados and is currently sold in Australia and New Zealand. In order to create the beverage, old avocados that are deemed undesirable are used, which greatly reduces food waste.

The Avocadomilk even comes with a long shelf life, lasting up to 11 months. According to the website, the beverage “looks like avocado, tastes like avocado and is good for you like avocado”.

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Packed with all the essential goodness you need, our award-winning avocadomilk is the most delicious way to strengthen your immune system. 🥑🥛🥇

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This milk can be used as a replacement for any of your other milk alternatives, such as soy, almond, cashew, or oatmilk. If you have ever cooked with avocados or used them for baking purposes, you already know how versatile they can be.

You can find this innovative beverage at US stores including Gelson’s, Vitamin City, Lundardi’s, Co-op, Lassens, Clark’s Nutrition, Gus’s Community Market, and Bristol Farms locations.

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