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Thanksgiving is a wonderful season for any number of reasons. We love to see the family members that we don’t get the chance to talk to each day, and it’s fun to gather and give thanks for all of the blessings that we have received this year.

And what’s extra fun is that we all have our own culinary traditions. Some may stick with more traditional cuisine, while others may forgo the usual turkey for something else entirely. As for us, we like to have our typical turkey dinner, but we enjoy putting spins on the classic holiday meal.

One of our biggest goals with trying new turkey preparations and recipes is to avoid the meat being too dry. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Thanksgiving without turkey that goes dry for a change?

Photo: YouTube / Allrecipes

Turns out, there’s a super easy and delicious solution that will leave your Thanksgiving turkey super moist. The best way to avoid dry meat is to brine your turkey. Brining is a way of maintaining moisture by soaking the meat in salty water. If you have yet to try this one out, be sure to do so this year. But beyond regular brining, there’s actually a way to make an apple cider vinegar brine that’s even more delicious! The recipe is courtesy of Lauren with Allrecipes.

To make an apple cider turkey roast is fairly simple. There’s no reason why we have to keep eating the same dry turkey year after year. Head to the website for a printable version of the recipe, and check out the video tutorial below: