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If you happen to be a fan of food and travel, then you have likely followed the works of Anthony Bourdain as he traveled the world and introduced us to foods we had never heard of before. It seemed as if he had a real passion for what he did, and when he passed away in 2018, it was a loss that was felt by many.

Although Bourdain has been gone for a few years now, there is still a lot to learn by following him. In fact, it is now possible to preorder a new travel guide that is being released later this year.

Photo: flickr

That guide, World Travel: An Irreverent Guide can be ordered on Amazon. Prior to the time that he died, Bourdain had started writing the book, and his former assistant, Laurie Woolever worked along with some of his friends and coworkers to finish it.

Photo: Amazon

You can expect to find some fantastic food inside of this 480-page book. It seems as if there is information on where to go, what to get when you are there, and even when to visit. The chapters are illustrated by Wesley Allsbrook and it is sure to be a unique look into his life and what he loved doing the most.

Photo: Amazon
Photo: Amazon

All of us look forward to getting back on the road again, but until that time is here, we can enjoy this book. It’s a peek into the life of a man that we knew and loved so well, who was gone far too soon.

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