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Bigger is better is one of the many codes that we live by. You already know that this is true, especially when it comes to food. However, there are some who are unaware of the massive games out there that are waiting to be picked up at your local store. Why would you ever be willing to stay inside and play ping pong when you can head outside to play tennis?

What’s the point of mini golf if you can head to your local golf course? While there are some who could poke holes in these questions, we are sure that you already get the gist of what we are trying to say. Aldi definitely understands where we are coming from here which is why they are providing giant-size versions of all of our favorite games.

These games are sure to be a wonderful addition to any backyard. Their “topping blocks” game is little more than a super-sized version of Jenga but we are definitely not going to complain. They also have a giant Connect Four game that we cannot wait to break out as soon as we have the chance. Games like these will certainly help families to pass the time during the quarantine.

Every game also comes with a bag for easy carrying that allows you to take them on road trips if you so choose. And if you need to store them more easily before you head out on your next camping trip, these bags make it much easier to do so.

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How stinking cute!! I love when companies make giant versions of games 😂 So perfect for camping and hanging out in the yard! Who is getting lucky and grabbing one?! . . . . #aldi #aldifinds #aldilife #aldilove #shopdifferentli #aldihaul #ilovealdi #aldiusa #aldius #mamaswhoshop #aldimademedoit #gimmeallthefood #groceryhaul #itsallfunandgames #letthegamesbegin #giant4inarow #4inarow #connectfour #giantconnectfour #yardgames #campinggames #solidwood #naturalwood #gianttopplingtower #gianttoppleblocks #topplingblocks #cranesports #crane #jenga #giantjenga

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Aldi is selling the games for $29. Those who do not have yards of their own are sure to envy you. If you do have a yard and you are not willing to invite your friends and loved ones over to play, we do not know what you are doing with your life.

All jokes aside, we hope that you are passing this amazing offer along. The last thing that any parent wants to do this summer is to watch their children become slowly addicted to their screens. Fun in the sun has never been this attainable. These games are best paired with a backyard cocktail but you did not hear that one from us!

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