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If you are anything like us, you are already ready for summer to come back. Winter isn’t even fully here yet but we are still pining for the days when we could wear shorts and ride around with the windows down.

Now you can plan for next summer before the weather turns, thanks to the good folks at Airstream and Pottery Barn. Their special edition travel trailer is one of the coolest things that we have seen in some time.

Photo: flickr/Sarah Nichols

The $145,000, 28-foot long camper comes with all sorts of amenities. The signature silver metal exterior that Airstream is well known for is present and accounted for. In addition to the shiny exterior, there is also a custom built-in sofa, a mini chef-style stove, a stainless steel flat apron sink, and an outdoor hanging table. The coastal design influences are also evident here.

The interior is relaxed and evokes feelings of a day at the beach. The natural hues and light, muted tones already have us at peace.

Photo: YouTube/Airstream

“In partnership with Airstream, we were able to build on the comfort of the home that Pottery Barn is known for while fueling the sense of adventure and the idea that home is wherever our customers are,” said Pottery Barn president Marta Benson in a statement about the venture.

“In response to consumer demand, we are thrilled to be launching the latest iteration of our successful collaboration, the idyllic Special Edition Travel Trailer, complete with all of the touches of home,” she continued. There is also a sizable amount of hidden storage space. The trailer comfortably sleeps four as well.

Photo: YouTube/Airstream

The twin size or queen bed comes with sheets from Pottery Barn because, of course, it does! This is not even the first time that these two companies have come together. Their limited-edition line of home and travel goods has already been receiving a sizable amount of attention, rightfully so.

Take a closer look at the Pottery Barn website if you would like to check out these items for yourself. Happy travels to those who get the travel trailer, though. Send us lots of pictures!

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