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CHD Living is one of the more common nursing home chains in the United Kingdom. Now that they are unable to have visitors, they are looking to assist their residents who are starting to get lonesome. Their “Adopt a Grandparent” program has been popular in the past. Now, they are in the process of launching a virtual version. Before the COVID-19 outbreak took place, local residents were able to visit in person.

CHD Living is comprised of 13 different homes that are all situated throughout the London region. If you are looking to brighten the day of one of their residents and you can speak English, you’re in. All you need is the proper WiFi connection to get started. Whether you are looking to mail them some pictures, poems, or short stories, all submissions are more than welcome.

These residents would benefit immensely from someone who is willing to provide them with awesome stories about their lives. CHD Living is currently responsible for the care of society’s most vulnerable members. A CHD Living spokesperson told iHeartRADIO that they are looking to keep spirits as high as possible. They are in the process of making sure that their residents remain stimulated and that they are provided with the proper companionship.

Photo: Pixabay/geralt

Would you like to get started? If so, take a moment to fill out a simple online form. You’ll need to offer up some personal information and discuss your interests. Once this step has been completed, you are going to be matched with the grandparent who is most compatible. From there, you’ll have a short screening call and discuss what happens next.

Applicants should have access to WhatsApp or Facebook. These are the apps that are preferable to CHD Living because of their compatibility with the televisions that have already been installed in their residents’ rooms. If necessary, the staff would be willing to consider some alternative forms of communication, such as FaceTime, Zoom, and Skype.

If you are interested in making a new friend that lives on the other side of the pond during the quarantine period, please be sure to fill out the application as soon as possible. This is a great idea from CHD Living and we hope that some new friendships are able to blossom. In the meantime, please take a moment to share this incredible opportunity with your friends and loved ones who are looking for ways to pass the time.