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The tiny home trend has led to a number of interesting interior designs. And while downsizing isn’t always preferable, it can save a lot of money and help simplify life. One woman, Felice Cohen, knows just how true this can be.

Her urban micro studio is sure to provide you with plenty of inspiration for your own place. Even if you are not in the mood to downsize, this lady will give you life! Felice Cohen is an artist and writer who resides in the famed Upper West Side of New York City. She lives just one block away from Central Park and has many of the city’s top attractions right outside of her doorstep – but she’s not breaking the bank in rent.

Photo: YouTube / Kirsten Dirksen

In fact, she pays just a fraction of what her average neighbors pay. While most people in her neighborhood pay $3,600/month to rent an apartment, she pays just over $700.

She gets away with such cheap rent because of the size of her space. While most NYC studio apartments tend to range somewhere between 550 and 750 feet in size, hers is just 90 square feet! Anyone who thought that their first place or their dorm room was too crowded will want to see this! Felice makes this tiny space feel like home because she is very resourceful. You have to be in order to survive in New York City without having thousands to spend on an apartment.

Photo: YouTube / Kirsten Dirksen

In her space, she’s got an office, a living room area, a dorm-style kitchen, and a loft bed that also has a mini library. Since she works as a professional organizer, she is able to put her skills to use on a daily basis.

If you would like to find out more about her tiny place, you will definitely want to check out her video tour: