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The Amish are known for their delicious and comforting food as much as they are known for their simple way of living. With a culinary tradition that’s rich in hearty and homey food, there is a bounty of Amish recipes that are just the right kind to satisfy a hungry family. It’s homestyle from-scratch cooking at its finest. From savory egg noodle bakes to mouth watering baked apple desserts, Amish recipes come from a place of simplicity and love. We’ve collected 9 of our favorite Amish recipes to share with you. Give them a try; these dishes should have a place at every dining room table!

Amish Sugar Cream Pie

If you want a pie that’s easy, creamy, and sweet, look no further than Sugar Cream Pie. Served warm or chilled, with a crackly crust and a custardy interior, it’s a classic for good reason. Get the recipe here!

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