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An 8-year-old boy came home from school and had an idea to help his family out. Jadiel Luciano returned to his home in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago. After surveying the snow around his home, he asked his mother for a shovel.

“I’m going to clean the snow because when Papi gets home he’s going to be tired. So I’m going to help out,” Jadiel told his mom, Adriana Benitez. His father, Oscar, is a UPS driver.

Adriana shared a video of her son shoveling on Facebook. Family and friends were very impressed by the second grader’s generous act. “A lot of them were commenting that he’s a great kid, just like his dad. They are so proud of him,” Adriana explained.

Like many parents, Jadiel’s family prioritizes doing chores. Adriana and Oscar view chores as a way to help Jadiel become a capable young man in the future. “He needs to learn how to do chores in the house, so he knows when he becomes an adult. Otherwise, he won’t know how to do them when he’s older,” Adriana said.

Adriana and Oscar are tremendously proud of Jadiel. He took initiative and showed that he cared about his family and wanted to help out in any little way possible. He seems like he’ll grow up to be a wonderful young man!

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