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It’s no secret that we love using the slow cooker. What’s not to like? You throw some ingredients into the slow cooker, turn it on, and come dinner time you have a delicious meal all ready to go with minimum effort. It’s a real win-win. If you love using the slow cooker as much as we do, you definitely need to read this list of brilliant ideas to make the most of your slow cooker!

Double Duty

Via Delish

Do you ever whish you had three more slow cookers available? This hack is perfect for when you really want to make a few dishes that require the use of a slow cooker. Create a divider with some aluminum foil and then use a crock pot liner and push it down into each side to create a barrier. This will come in handy for game day when you want to make several different dips! Check out our famous slow cooker spinach dip!

Make Bread

There is perhaps nothing more comforting than coming in the front door to a home that smells of warm, freshly baked bread. But of course, bread normally requires a very hot oven and heating up the entire house for a fresh loaf just isn’t always worth it. With this amazing Slow Cooker Herb Bread, that’s a non-issue! A couple hours in the slow cooker and you have a soft, chewy loaf seasoned with fresh herbs and sea salt.

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