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6 Frosting Recipes Every Baker Needs On Hand

When you spend time baking the perfect sweet treat, be it cake, cookies, cupcakes, or bars, you need to have an equally perfect frosting to top it all off. Frosting is not a one size fits all deal – some frosting is rich and decadent, while others are light and fluffy. One compliments earthy and savory cakes like carrot cake, while the other pairs nicely with dense, chocolatey cake. Get our favorite frosting recipes below, and see how we pair them up!

Vanilla Buttercream

Vanilla buttercream is a versatile frosting for sure. It pairs well with both chocolate and vanilla cupcakes; you can spread it on sugar cookies, graham crackers (with sprinkles!), or pretty much any flavor of cake. The perfect vanilla frosting is a recipe every baker should have in their back pocket, and we’re here to help. This recipe makes the BEST vanilla buttercream frosting we’ve ever had.

Classic Cream Cheese Frosting

Our favorite frosting is – and forever will be – cream cheese frosting, and we don’t think we’re alone there. Something about how that subtle tang of the cream cheese keeps the sugar from being too cloying. And how the consistency is irresistibly velvety and creamy. To us, it’s the perfectly balanced frosting, and this recipe here is our very favorite.