6 Ways To Decorate With Mason Jars This Christmas

Brb, I need to pick up some mason jars ASAP!

Mason Jar Lid Ornaments

Confession: these are totally hanging up on my Christmas tree as I type! I just love these ornaments and it’s perfect because we had everything on hand to make them. We have a ton of crafts using the “jar” part of the mason jar, so it’s great to finally have a way to use up these extra lids. Get the full tutorial here!

Mason Jar Snowman Luminaries

I love everything about this cute little craft; from the button eyes to the use of mason jars, and the magical sparkly snow that glows when you light the candle. Plus, these little guys are so quick and easy! See how to do it in the tutorial here!

DIY Advent Calendar

‘Tis the season for counting down to the biggest holiday celebration of the year – and one of many beloved traditions of the holiday season is an Advent calendar. Advent calendars come in a variety of forms, from paper chains to boxes filled with festive treats or gifts. And while it’s easy to run out to the store and buy a calendar, we like the idea of making something that is unique and special. See how we put ours together in this tutorial!