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We love cheese. We put in casseroles, sprinkle it on top of eggs, dip our chips in it, have it on the side with some wine and crackers. Basically, there’s no wrong way to consume cheese in all of its different varieties. Right? Well, as it turns out, there are a few kinds of cheese that are surprisingly bad for you – and not just for your waistline.

Queso Fresco

A staple in many Mexican dishes, queso fresco carries with it a disturbing health risk: Listeria. This is a serious infection caused by contaminated food. The way queso fresco is made, makes it extra-susceptible to carrying this harmful infection. Whether made at home or commercially, the risk is still there. The chances of getting listeria is worrisome enough that the CDC reccomends pragnant women, older people, and those with compromised immune systems avoid this cheese altogether!

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You may know mascarpone simply as an expensive dessert cheese, but there’s so much more than meets the eye. Often used in desserts as well as a thickening agent for sauces and soups, mascarpone contains a shocking amount of fat and cholesterol. In just one tablespoon of this decadent cheese, you’ll get 13% of your daily cholesterol intake, as well as 20% of your daily fat. Keep in mind that in most recipes, you’ll be consuming at least twice that much, if not more. For those who are watching their cholesterol, this is definitely one cheese to steer clear of.

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We know this is disappointing to hear, but cheddar cheese is one cheese you’ll want to avoid – or at the very least, moderate, especially if you’re watching your cholesterol and sodium intake – which, let’s be honest, most of us should be. It varies from brand to brand, but on average, just one slice of cheddar cheese contains 13% of your daily intake of fat, 10% daily intake of cholesterol, and almost 20% of your daily sodium intake. And how many slices do you pile on your sandwich? Next time, opt for less cheddar cheese, if possible!

See the rest of the cheeses you should avoid in the video below!

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