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I don’t know about you, but I can use all the help I can get when it comes to cleaning the house. It seems like the work is never done! Once I have the kitchen clean, the bathroom needs work. Once the bathroom is done, it’s time to go back to the kitchen. And don’t even get me started on the laundry.

All that to say, I’m always on the lookout for ways to make my life a little easier in the cleaning department. And if I can find ways to save money on cleaning chemicals as well? I consider that a win-win in my book! Let’s take a look at a few weird cleaning hacks from the YouTube channel, ClutterBug, that work surprisingly well.

Grout Cleaner Test


For this first hack, ClutterBug actually tested out a few ways to clean grout. The first one is Lysol toilet bowl cleaner. It does get the grout cleaned, but it’s kind of a pain to scrub away, since the cleaner itself is a bright blue.

The second method is a recipe for an all-purpose cleaner – that ClutterBug tried on the grout. It’s 1 gallon of water, 1 teaspoon of Tide powdered laundry detergent, and 1/3 cup of bleach. The cleaner itself is a bit watery, but it cleans the grout well and it’s easy to wipe away.

The third method is another all-purpose cleaner made from baking soda and peroxide. Just mix enough peroxide into the baking powder to form a paste. This one cleaned the grout the best, but it is a pain to scrub the paste away. In conclusion, any of these three methods would work, it just depends on your stance on harsh chemicals (Lysol) and if you want to put the extra elbow grease into the paste option.

Dryer Sheet Alternative


I hate pretty much everything about doing laundry except taking the clothes out of the dryer. I love the warmth and fresh, clean smell from the dryer sheets! I don’t love how much the dryer sheets end up costing, especially when I look at how much I spend annually on dryer sheets and fabric softener. According to Charlotte Five, the average person spends $30-50 per year on dryer sheets and $75-$100 per year on fabric softener.

Good thing this next hack handles both of these major laundry expenses! Simply combine 1 cup fabric softener + 6 cups water and drop a few dollar store sponges into the mix. Squeeze out the excess liquid and toss a sponge in with the clothes into the dryer. You can reuse the sponges again and again, and one bottle of fabric softener should last a whole year!

Glass Stove Top Cleaner


Glass stovetops are beautiful… as long as you don’t cook on them, touch them, or breathe on them. If you have a glass stovetop & appliances, then you’re all too familiar with those dirty, unsightly surfaces. Yes, there are chemical cleaners out there that do a decent job of keeping things nice and shiny, but they cost an arm and a leg and don’t last very long.

Instead, simply sprinkle some baking soda on the surface and scrub it away with a damp, coarse sponge, like Scotch Brite. You’ll be amazed at well this works – even better than most store-bought cleaners! Plus, it’s super cost-effective. Win-win!

Sink Cleaning Hack


I recently moved to a new state and found out that the water here is very hard and leaves spots on everything, including the sink. This little hack has sure come in handy! There’s no need to scrub at the sink with dish soap or bleach, just pour some olive oil on a rag and wipe the sink down! I love it.

Uses for Furniture Polish


Speaking of dirty surfaces, anyone who has white appliances knows the pain of fingerprints and spills that seem to pop on those white surfaces. Instead of scrubbing away, just use furniture polish! The stains will lift off easier, and the polish will act as a shield, protecting the surface from stains and marks. You can also use furniture polish on leather surfaces!

Check out the video below for even more awesome cleaning hacks!