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If you have never purchased a home before, we are here to tell you that the experience can be a very stressful one. There is lots of excitement to counteract the anxiety, though.

Homeownership is awesome, don’t get us wrong, but it is a lot more stressful than the prospect of renting. Anyone who has been through this process can definitely relate, that is for sure.

Photo: flickr/American Advisors Group

Trey Kennedy is a comedian who accurately enacted all of the stages of homeownership in a hilarious video. In the video, he said that there are 5, well, really 6, but we will get to that later.

House hunting is the first stage and this is filled with all sorts of letdowns. You either get outbid or you end up going to look at a house that does not give the same feel as the real estate listing.


The purchasing process is the next part. Paperwork, inspections, and major decisions abound.

The 2.5 stage that Kennedy refers to takes place when the new homeowner finds themselves caught between their lease and their new mortgage.

The moving stage comes next and let’s face it, you will need to hire some professionals. You are going to have more stuff to move than you thought and your friends are not going to want to help you with it. We can’t say that we blame them!

Photo: flickr/Nicolas Huk

Stage four is when reality starts to set in. There’s no landlord to call to fix things that go wrong. If anything breaks in the new house, it is all on you and that is all there is to it.


The final stage is closely connected to this one. This is what Kennedy calls the “DIY” stage. There are always going to be major problems in the home. Any time that you fix one problem, another one is going to pop up and you should probably get used to that now. He’s nailed the bit completely and really captured many of the annoyances that go into this process.

Photo: YouTube/Trey Kennedy

Prospective homeowners may want to take a closer look so that they can find out more about what they are in for once they decide to take that plunge. Watch the video below:

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