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With most people largely stuck inside during the coronavirus lockdowns worldwide, we’re all eating at home a lot more. While in some areas take out and delivery are still allowed, many restaurants and bars have had to close down during this pandemic, either due to lack of business or to local restrictions. This means your favorite dishes from these restaurants are off limits for the foreseeable future. But, some restaurant and hotel chains are now offering their prized secret recipes for people to make at home during this crisis.

egg mcmuffin sandwich
Via/ Wiki Commons

Contrary to the idea that keeping recipes a secret makes them more desirable, the businesses that are offering free recipes are presumably keeping their names fresh in people’s minds so that so that when this is all over they will have their customers’ business once more.

Whether you’ve been craving some of these tried and true treats or just want to try something new, here are some of the secret recipes from well-known places now available for free.

Disney Churros

Visitors to Disney theme parks rave about the churros there, whether served wrapped in wax paper or with a dipping sauce or sticking out of a milkshake they are the favorite Disney dessert for many. You can get the recipe here or watch video below to see how they are made.

Double Tree Cookies

If you’ve ever had these cookies then you’ll understand that they are no regular cookies. These chocolate chip cookies are unlike any others and they take cookie eating to a whole new level. And, the recipe is different, too. Lemon juice, rolled oats, brown sugar, and walnuts all make this cookie batter come out with a unique and irresistible flavor. Get the recipe here.

Double Tree Hotels chocolate chip cookie in bag
Via/ Flickr

McDonald’s Egg McMuffin

You might think there’s not much to this classic breakfast sandwich, but it turns out that there is a special recipe that makes it taste so darn good. The recipe was hared on McDonald’s U.K. Twitter account, since the chain has ceased operations in some U.K. locations. They kindly also included directions for making your own hash browns as well.

Disney Dole Whip

This cool and smooth dessert will be much needed come the warmer months. Who knows when you’ll get to a Disney park again, but this is one part of the Disney experience you can now have at home. The recipe was first shared on the Disney app and features frozen pineapple and yummy ice cream. See the recipe (and an alternate dairy free Dole whip recipe) right here.

Disney Dole Whips
Via/ Flickr