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While we don’t really recall ever having met a dessert we didn’t like, we favor a certain type of sweet in the heat of the summer: the no-bake cake. Despite our love of cooking, turning on the oven during the hottest months of the year could be considered a form of torture, so we try to avoid it as much as possible…which works out perfectly when our alternative desserts are any of the four cakes we’ve got for you below. They’re all creamy, cool, and refreshing, so take a look and dive in!

1. Sunny Lemon Icebox Cake

We are absolute lemon addicts over here, so this dessert strikes the perfect chord with us. Perfectly sweet and tart, you definitely don’t want to miss this one…. Get the written recipe here!

2. Coconut Cream No-Bake Cake

Coconut cream pie is a beloved dessert from our childhood, but we needed to revamp it so that we could enjoy those tasty flavors without all the work (or the stove)…. This version ticks all our boxes and hits the spot! Check out the full recipe here!

3. Banana Split Icebox Cake

If the name alone wasn’t enough to hook you, let us tell you how yummy this no-bake dessert is: filled with sliced banana, pineapple chunks, hot fudge and all the other fixin’s, this is the best way to recreate the classic ice cream dish! Find the written recipe here!

4. Boston Cream Cake

For any Boston Cream Pie lovers out there, we’ve got you covered with this delicious dessert. It’s creamy and rich, just the way we like it, and the fact that making it doesn’t give us heat stroke is the cherry on top! Get the full recipe here!

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