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The good folks at Never Too Small finally had the chance to speak with French architect Matthieu Torres.

He was responsible for an amazing transformation and they wanted to learn more about how he managed to pull it off. The apartment in question was a tiny, dark place that encompassed all of 344 square feet. In other words, it was not the most inviting living space.

Photo: flickr/Nicolás Boullosa

Torres was able to renovate the apartment, which is located in the 20th arrondissement of Paris. Can you believe that he turned this tiny space into a more comfortable home that suits both him and his partner?

We can hardly believe our eyes. We are still trying to get over the square footage, if we are being frank here.


“In search of an affordable home in Paris, architect Matthieu Torres and his partner picked out a small, dark space with a beautiful view of Paris city,” the description reads. We were skeptics at first but Torres has done a wonderful job of convincing us. Once Torres gets started, you are truly going to appreciate all of the work that he puts in. The whole apartment is gutted.


The ceiling was raised and a loft bedroom was raised as well. The functional kitchen and walk-in closet were also welcome additions, we are sure. The bathroom that Torres added comes with a shower, sink, and running water, too. He truly pulled out all the stops. Plenty of recycled items were utilized, including furniture that he got from his grandparents.


“Completely gutting the neglected apartment allowed them to add a previously missing toilet and shower, as well as introduce a mezzanine level by removing the aging ceiling. In turn they were able to elevate the home’s bedroom and install a large furniture unit to contain the added bathroom, a wardrobe and a large amount of storage,” says the synopsis, and even these words cannot do this justice.


Once you have had the chance to see this renovation for yourself, you will finally understand what we are talking about/

Check it out below:

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