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I think that most of us would agree that 2020 stinks, but now we have scented candles to prove it. The Flaming Crap candle company is now revealing their new “2020 scent” candle to make your home complete.

The candles come in four layers, making four scents that are synonymous with this year. It includes hand sanitizer, banana bread, DIY and wood musks, and cheap aftershave with earthy undertones in honor of Joe Exotic.

Interestingly, the aromas were not meant to complement each other and the company even admits that they don’t play well with each other. They do think that having a scent that is “unusual” is perfect for the year of a global pandemic.

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If you are questioning the decision of the company to make these specific scents, they explain it. They say that hand sanitizer and banana bread are associated with the coronavirus pandemic. On the other hand, “DIY and woody musks” are in regards to people wanting home improvements, and “budget aftershave and an earthy essence” is associated with Tiger King

Vegan kerasoy wax is used to create the candle and they also use recycled labels and packaging. You can find them on the Flaming Crap’s website to preorder for $19.50.

According to their website, you get about 7.5 hours of burn time for every layer. That’s plenty of time to enjoy it and reminisce on all this year has brought to us.