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Our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Choosing the perfect gift can feel daunting, but choosing the perfect gift for your favorite home cook can feel nearly impossible. After all, people who know their way around a kitchen can be a little particular — they like a certain type of vegetable peeler, they already have two (or more) sets of mixing bowls, and nothing will come between them and their favorite chef’s knife… You want a gift that’s personal and practical and is something that they’ll actually use. It’s a tall order, but we’ve got you covered! We’ve gathered our favorite gifts for home cooks for 2018, and there’s something here for every culinary aficionado on your list.

I Cook and I Know Things Cutting Boards ($22.95 & $25.95)

We love this gift for cooks who happen to also know it all. (We all know at least one.) One side offers some character and whimsy for the perfect cheese or charcuterie display, while the other side functions as a top-of-the-line bamboo cutting board. Available with rounded edges or with a handle. Buy Them Here.

Christmas Baking Team Apparel (Price Varies)

Christmas baking can take a full team, and what better way to show some spirit than with some team shirts! Available in plenty of styles, sizes, and colors, this is our favorite pick for a family gift. Buy It Here.

(Oh, and there’s a shirt version of that cutting board too.) Buy it here.

Silicone Baking Mat ($9.95 – $7.00)

At first glance, this baking mat might seem basic, but it’s anything but. The innovative pyramid design allows fat and grease to drip away from food as it bakes and lets air circulate around whatever you might be cooking. It’s the secret to crispy roasted chicken and potatoes, and it’s not something that most cooks already have in their arsenal. (Plus, you just can’t beat that price.) Buy It Here.

Love Beyond Measure Sterling Necklace ($29.95 – $22.00)

Maybe your favorite cook doesn’t need another kitchen gadget, but rather a way to boast their love of culinary creativity. Buy It Here.

Insulated Wine Tumblers ($27.95 – $24.95)

Sometimes a cook’s best friend is the glass of wine in their hand as they work in the kitchen. Get them a clever insulated wine tumbler (with sippy cup lid!) that will keep their drink cold for hours. Buy It Here.

8-in-1 Kitchen Tool Bottle ($10.95)

This is one clever kitchen gadget that you won’t find in every kitchen. It’s basically eight tools stacked into one (so it’s a great space saver). With a measuring cup, cheese grater, egg masher, egg separator, spice grater, can opener, lemon squeezer and funnel… this is basically the Swiss army knife of kitchen tools. Buy It Here.

Gifts of Gold Measuring Cup Set ($24.95)

This adorable measuring cup set lets you measure your ingredients accurately, but also reminds us what the real gifts in life are. 1/4 cup of fun, 1/3 cup of laughter, 1/2 cup of kindness, and 1 cup of happiness are written on the inside of each cup. Complete with a twine ribbon and a sweet gift tag, it’s a gift that any cook would be glad to receive. Buy It Here.

Crock Pot Star Ornament ($10.95)

We know we’re not the only cooks out there who love our slow cooker. This cute ornament lets you celebrate the crock pot rockstar in your life. (Or hey, maybe celebrate yourself.) Buy It Here.

Live Love Cook Leather Bracelet ($11.95 – $10.00)

For the cook who has everything, this handmade leather bracelet lets them keep their love of cooking close at hand. (And it’s currently on sale for just $10!) Buy It Here.

Christmas Calories Don’t Count Plate ($24.95 – $22.95)

What better gift for the cook who’s always baking up a storm during the holidays? This makes an excellent gift to go along with a platter full of baked goods… but maybe if you’re lucky enough you’ll be on the receiving end of the cookie gift giving. Buy It Here.

Levoons Measuring Spoons ($14.95 – $14.00)

Enthusiastic cook or no, we can pretty much all say we have a set of measuring spoons in our kitchen… but they’re probably not quite like these. The Levoons measuring spoons feature a built-in scraper that lets you accurately — and easily — get the perfect measurement every time. It’s one clever kitchen gadget we’re always glad to have on hand, and the cook in your life will be too! Buy It Here.

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