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There’s nothing like seeing pictures of the house you grew up in to remind you of just how much things have changed. Every time we see houses from back in the day we feel this way and the kitchen is where many homes often showed their age. From space-age spice jars to harvest yellow and orange, here are 20 kitchens from the ’70s that are so bad they’re good!

Via/ State Archives of Florida

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Check out those mod spice holders and avocado green cabinets! Via/ Internet Archive
Via/ State Archives of Florida

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The light over the table is just perfect. Via/ U.S. National Archives
Even in black and white this kitchen is loud! Via/ State Archives of Florida

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It doesn’t get much more ’70s than a bicentennial themed kitchen with hearth stones and an eagle. Via/ Instagram
Correction: this is a real bicentennial kitchen complete with an actual hearth and rustic iron tools! Via/ Instagram

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Floral wallpaper meets matching harvest gold refrigerator, dishwasher, and trash compactor. Via/ State Archives of Florida
The rattan chairs and floral wallpaper are pretty dated, but that raised dishwasher actually looks like a real back-saver. Via/ Instagram

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Honestly, who doesn’t love a brown refrigerator? Via/ Instagram

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