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Looking for an easy home project that will up the value of your home? By reframing your front door, you can gain up to $5,000 on your home value! Truly, this project is worth an afternoon and $20!

The first step is to grab two 1×4 planks of wood, along with a 1×6 plank. Paint them in whatever color you want.

Then, in order to attatch the wood to the exiting frame, measure and draw on the wood. Cut a line so the piece fits snug against the frame.

Next, it’s time to put it all together! Attach the wood to the frame, along with the crown molding to the top, as well as the little pieces of trim. Fill in any cracks with caulking, and then paint the frame as well as the old frame to the colors match!

Watch the video below for the full instructions!

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