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When it comes to home decor there is no shortage of new items being made and sold everyday. While many of us are tempted by these glittering new pieces, it’s important to remember that used items can sometimes be a much better investment. There are quite a few advantages to vintage and antique housewares, including the quality-to-price ratio and the uniqueness of the look they help create. There are many items that experts say you should always buy used, so don’t waste your money on the new versions of these home products! Be advised that there are just as many things experts warn you should never buy used, like certain electronics, as well as cribs and mattresses.

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15) Dishes

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Anyone who has ever built a solid collection of Blue Willow, Fire King, or Fiestaware from thrift stores and flea markets can tell you that this is a great way to obtain a unique look for your table, often at a fraction of the price. And, unlike many modern dishware sets, the used versions probably won’t crack or craze on you if they’ve survived all this time in decent condition.

14) Original Paintings

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Mass-produced art is everywhere these days, some even painted partially by hand to give the illusion of real paintings. So if you see a lovely vintage oil painting you should get it, even if you’ve never heard of the artist. There is always a chance that you’ve got a secretly valuable work from a noted artist. What’s more likely is that what you have is an unknown yet still one-of-a-kind piece of handmade art which will remain durable for centuries. Cheap originals found for less than $100 at second hand or thrift stores make for a low-risk investment.

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13) Lighting

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With the price of reproduction vintage and antique lighting at a premium right now, it might be worth it to pay for the rewiring of some older lamps in order the get the look- often the service is fairly low compared to other types of repairs. Materials like leaded crystal, stained glass, and mica add sparkle to a room that most modern lighting can’t even hold a candle to.

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12) Rugs

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An antique or vintage rug can have significant value despite a low cost to you. Often made of much higher quality materials than their equivalent-cost modern rugs, if maintained well and sold in a professional realm, they can often appreciate in value (even despite worn or faded spots), particularly if they are handmade.

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11) Leather Furniture

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Unlike toady’s bonded leather, vintage or antique leather pieces are likely to be comparatively high quality and keep their value year after year. Plus, who doesn’t admire the look of a chesterfield sofa or a club chair with that special leather patina on it?

10) Glassware

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You simply won’t find designs like those from past eras on the shelves of big box stores these days. Buying vintage glassware ensures a special look to your table and can often be very easy on your wallet.

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9) Mirrors

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They can cost a lot to ship to customers so you’ll often find mirrors for good prices in second-hand stores. This type of item is harder to sell online due to shipping issues so antique stores are often very reasonable on the pricing. But, the best thing are the unique vintage designs which today would cost a a pretty penny to buy new, but are often so affordable in antique stores.

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