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We just love finding new and unique kitchen tools to help with every step of cooking and clean up. Long gone are the days of fumbling with an avocado – peel and slice with one easy to use tool! Never again struggle with pots boiling over – try out a new silicone lid! Seriously, there is something for everyone on this list, go ahead and check it out!

Adjustable Rolling Pin

Where has this been our whole lives? This incredible rolling pin has adjustable and removable rings to help you get exactly the right thickness – from pizza dough to pie crusts and everything in between!

Zester & Grater

This top of the line zester is perfect for hard cheese, onions, citrus fruits, ginger, and more!

Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

If you don’t already have a cast iron skillet, then this is an absolutely neccessary purchase! You’ll be amazed how much your cooking world will open up with this one tool!

Hand Blender

This hand blender gets the perfect consistancy every time whether it’s guacamole, apple sauce, or anything in between!

Salad Spinner

Wash your lettuce, and eat it too! Soggy salad will be a thing of the past with this salad spinner.

3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

If you like avocados, then you’ll love this 3-in-1 tool! Cut, pit, and slice avocados with ease using this super handy slicer!

Utensil Organizer Kit

What?! Yes! This organizer is 100% customizable! Simply cut the mat to fit your drawer, arrange your utensils, and place divits into the mat to secure items in place.

Silicone Scraper

There are so many uses for a scraper around the kitchen! From cleaning out every last drop of batter, to accurately measuring and slicing dough, and it even helps scrape pots and pans clean. Go ahead and get yours today!

Beater Blade for Kitchen Aid

This beater blade attachment virtually eliminates hand scraping and batter build up, and cuts mixing time by up to 50%!

Lid Holder & Spoon Rest

Save the countertops with this awesome kitchen tool!

Silicone Steamer

If you’re looking to add more veggies into your meals, then this silicone steamer is a must have!

Boil Over Safeguard

This silicone lid prevents boil-overs! You read that right; no more spills and cleaning nightmares. Plus, it’s dishwasher and microwave safe!

Salad Dressing Shaker

Make and store your own salad dressings, sauces, and marinades with this unique shaker!

Meat Tenderizer

This professional grade meat tenderizer will bring your meat cooking skills up to the next level!

Auto-Measure Spice Carousel

Amazing! This spice storage carousel inclides 12 removable compartments and 55 spice labels. Plus, simply twist the dial for a perfect 1/4 teaspoon measurement every time!

For more of our favorite kitchen gadgets, check out what’s on our wishlist!

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