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12 Things You Should Never Put In Your Microwave


The microwave is such a big help in the kitchen that we sometimes find ourselves wishing that we could put everything in it. But that would be a bad plan. Because there are some things that you should never, ever put in your microwave. We all know metal and microwaves don’t mix, but here are 12 other items that lead to disaster if they find their way into a microwave.

1. Paper Bags

Paper bags release toxins when heated and they can also catch on fire. Definitely a no go.

2. Grapes

Grapes just can’t handle the heat and have a tendency to explode when microwaved. Maybe it’s best you just eat them cold.

3. Vintage Dishes
Vintage plates may be beautiful… but they might also be full of lead. The FDA didn’t establish limits on lead in dishes until 40 years ago, so if you have an old plate your best bet is to heat your food on something else to prevent any chance of lead leaching into your food during heating.

4. Styrofoam

Don’t try it. Even just for a few seconds. Styrofoam is a plastic and so it melts under high heat. It’s just no match for the microwave.

5. Takeout Containers

Chinese Food Carton
Some takeout containers contain plastic but even the paper ones sometimes have metal handles. Play it safe and switch your leftovers to something else before you nuke ’em.

6. Butter and Yogurt Containers

We all love storing leftovers in these handy containers, but don’t heat them in them. They’re made of thin plastic that’s meant for one-time use, so they really don’t mingle well with the microwave.

7. Your Cell Phone

This one should go without saying, but there was an internet rumor that putting your phone in the microwave could charge the battery, and some people actually tried it. Don’t try it. The only thing you’ll end up with is one very smoky phone.

8. Eggs

There is also an internet rumor that you can hardboil an egg by microwaving it, but once again, not a thing you want to try. The shell traps the steam and the high temperature just causes the egg to explode. You don’t want to clean up an egg-splosion, do you?

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9. Travel Mugs

People have a tendency to forget that many travel mugs are made of stainless steel and get quite a shock when they try to heat up their coffee. We’re not advocating a cold cup of joe, but just find a different vessel when you need to heat up the rest of your morning brew.

10. Hot Peppers

Hot peppers can catch on fire in the microwave, and even if they don’t, they release steam laced with capsaicin when you open the door and that can burn your eyes.

11. Aluminum Foil

Say it with us: metal doesn’t go in the microwave. It can be easy to forget to remove the foil from your leftovers before popping them in to reheat, but if you do, that food is going up in flames.

12. Nothing

When there’s nothing inside a microwave to absorb the waves, the whole thing can catch on fire. Best case is you damage the appliance. We don’t know why you would, but don’t run your microwave when there’s nothing in it.

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