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12 Cheesy, Delicious Dips To Die For

We’ve got your new go-to party dip recipe here!

5 Ingredient Neiman Marcus Dip

With five ingredients, along with whatever chips or crackers you decide to serve this with, this Neiman Marcus dip is packed with cheese, bacon, almonds and green onions, made creamy with the help of some mayonnaise…it doesn’t seem like much, but all together, this dip packs a delicious punch that is a sure-fire hit every time we make it! Get the easy recipe here!

Chicken Alfredo Dip

Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo is one of our favorite comfort foods, but the classic pasta dish doesn’t make a very good appetizer or finger food. That’s why we created this super cheesy and creamy dip- all the same great flavor, in munchable form! It’s so velvety and delicious, especially spread over baguette slices. We love to bring this dip to parties or get-togethers because it’s such a refreshing twist on traditional chips and dip, and we think you’ll agree! Get the full recipe here!


We got a craving for a classic BLT the other day, but we decided to switch things up a little… we wanted to see if we could recreate all those delectable flavors in a creamy, satisfying dip — one that would be perfect for a game day snack without the hassle of making a whole bunch of sandwiches. Turns out, the dip was a smashing success! Get the delicious recipe here!

Creamy Spinach Bacon Dip

While we typically think of comfort food as being a hearty casserole or a jam-packed pasta dish, we would argue that this cheesy spinach bacon dip is a serious comfort food contender. Packed with all the cheese you could ever want, along with crunchy bits of tasty bacon, this is still an appetizer where spinach is the focal point. Get the easy recipe here!