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11 Common Food Combinations That Are Really Bad For Your Health

Most of us try to make healthy choices when it comes to the food we eat. We know that it’s important to have breakfast in order to jump-start your metabolism, we know we need to limit our sugar intake and eat more veggies. However, despite our best efforts to make good choices, we often run short on time and end up grabbing whatever is fast, convenient, and sounds good. Here are 11 surprising food combinations that are actually bad for your health! Which combinations surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments below!

Muffin & Orange Juice

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This classic breakfast combo is actually setting you up for a huge let down later in the day! Both muffins and orange juice have a lot of sugar and carbs, which will spike your blood sugar. The initial spike in blood sugar will feel good and give you a little boost of energy to start your day. However, after the initial spike, your blood sugar will drop and you’ll be hungry and cranky. Instead of getting your energy from sugar and carbs, try a more protein and fiber heavy meal, like a whole grain muffin and yogurt.

Meat & Cheese

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While both meat and cheese have plenty of good things for you, such as iron, calcium, and zinc, when they are combined, the nutrients actually hinder one another from being absorbed into the bloodstream. Specifically, the calcium in cheese acts as a blocker for the iron and zinc. While it’s fine to have meat and cheese together every once in a while, make sure you have plenty of meals that feature meat and veggies or cheese and grains.

Eggs & Fish

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Both eggs and fish have a ton of health benefits for your body. Eggs are a great source of protein and vitamin D, in fact, egg yolks are the second highest source of vitamin D, aside from fish! And speaking of fish, they contain tons of omega 3 fatty acids, iron, and vitamin D. However, when you combine the two, your body doesn’t receive any of these benefits. Eggs contain a protein called avidin, and fish contain vitamin B7, or biotin. When the two combine, they create a complex that your system can’t absorb. Try eating salad with your fish instead!

Whole Grains & Spinach

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This combination may surprise you – it certainly surprised me! When I think of making healthy choices, whole grains and spinach are on the top of the list! What most people don’t know about combining whole grains and greens, such as spinach, is that it can actually hinder calcium intake. The whole grains contain cellulose, and the greens contain oxalic acid. These nutrients combine actually block the absorption of calcium!

Tea & Yeast Bread

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Tea and biscuits of some sort have been a tradition for hundreds, if not thousands of years! So what’s the problem with this particular combination? Well, if you’ve ever had a tasty pastry with your afternoon cup of tea, you may have noticed that later in the day, your stomach gets upset. This has to do with the tannins found in tea having a reaction to the iron and vitamin B1 found in most yeast bread. It can actually cause fermentation in your stomach, which explains your tummy troubles! Wait at least an hour between drinking tea and eating bread.

Kiwi & Yogurt

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Kiwi is a delicious tropical fruit that is the perfect balance between sweet and sour. It’s no wonder this is a popular fruit to add to yogurt. Kiwi and yogurt are also popular ingredients to add to a smoothie recipe. However, these two might be having a negative effect on your digestion! The enzymes in kiwis lead to accelerated decomposition of milk proteins, therefore making the milk product bitter and harder to digest. Try adding berries instead of kiwi!

Melons & Dairy

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Just like kiwi is often a popular choice for yogurt mix-ins and smoothies, so are all kinds of melons. However, melons should actually not be combined with any other foods. Dairy is by far the worst. The level of acidity in melons is much higher than other fruits, and thus when combined with dairy products, it will cause the milk to curdle in your stomach and form a hard-to-digest mass. Stick to berries in your dairy products!

Pizza & Soda

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Say what? That’s right, this all-time favorite combo is (not surprisingly) not super healthy for you. Aside from the sugar in the soda and the fat, carbs, and sodium in the pizza, the thing that actually makes you upset to your stomach is probably the combination of cheese and a cold, carbonated beverage. Plus, the carbs and saturated fat in the pizza slow down your digestion. The sugar in soda, aside from being not good for your blood sugar levels, also slows down your ability to digest things.

Wine & Cake

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There’s no denying that wine and dessert is my happy place. Unfortunately, this is a particularly potent combination! Since alcohol increases blood sugar levels as well as increases insulin production, the sugar from the dessert plus the sugar from alcohol will turn to fat very quickly. Plus, since the body will first start digesting the glucose in the dessert before digesting the alcohol, the potential for the toxins in the alcohol to flood your body is much higher!

Fruit & Vegetables

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The problem with this classic combo is that fruit is digested much differently than vegetables. Fruit has such a quick digestion period that it’s already partly digested by the time it gets to the stomach. Plus, fruits have a ton of sugar which can upset the process of digesting the vegetables. Vegetables, on the other hand, are digested much more slowly. You should still have plenty of fruit and vegetables in your diet, just space them out through the day!

Burger & Fries

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It’s no surprise that this go to meal is full of calories and trans fat, but that’s not the only reason you shouldn’t pair a burger with fries. When consuming a big meal, especially one that is not very healthy for you, you experience temporary hormonal changes that can be unpleasant. Having a calorie dense meal like a hamburger and fries also increases your blood sugar and triglyceride levels.

Watch the video below for more health info on each of these food combinations!

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