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We all want to spend more time at the kitchen table and less at the counter. But cutting back on prep time means getting crafty. With a few of these handy tricks up your sleeve, you’ll be breezing through all the mundane steps to fast-forward to the best part: chowing down!

  1. Peel Garlic Like a Boss.

Why labor over each individual clove when you can get them all squared away at once? Try applying pressure to the cloves with your hands, so they’re lightly crushed. Then toss them in a bowl, fit another empty bowl on top, and give them a good shake. After about 10 seconds you’ll have effortlessly peeled garlic in a fraction of the time it normally takes.

  1. Chill Wine in 6 Minutes.

Talk about instant gratification. No one enjoys waiting around for wine to chill, but your guests won’t even notice after just six minutes! Place the bottle in a bucket filled with ice and a handful of salt, then do a quick round of mingling before retrieving it chilled and ready-to-pour.

  1. Savor Your Cake Long After the Big Day.

It seems a tragedy to throw out half of a perfectly good cake just because it will quickly turn stale. Next time you’ve got leftover cake, don’t waste it! Simply attach slices of bread to exposed sections with toothpicks. It might look a little goofy, but trust us, your cake will be moist and delicious for days to come!

  1. Make a Magnet Meal Plan.

This one’s a real time-saver. Print out 15 of your favorite, quick -fix recipes and glue them to magnets. Arrange them on the fridge to create a weekly meal plan. Cover a couple extra magnets with blank laminate paper, so you can experiment with new recipes by writing them down with a wet erase marker.

  1. Remove Eggshells Like a Pro.

Sick of wasting time flaking off shells from hard-boiled eggs, bit by bit, piece by tiny piece? Add vinegar or baking soda to the water when you boil eggs and those shells will slide right off in one swift motion.

  1. Get Your Cast Iron Skillet Spotless With Salt.

Skip the soap and reach for some coarse salt to give your pan a good cleaning without destroying its finish. Rub the salt into the pan with a bunched-up paper towel, and voilàgood as new! No water or elbow grease necessary.

  1. Make Your Fruit Ripe, Stat.

Sometimes you simply don’t have the time to wait for green bananas to turn that perfect shade of yellow. When you’re in a rush for fruit to ripen, throw it into a paper bag and it’ll be ready-to-eat in a jiffy.

  1. Twist Off Stubborn Jar Lids Using a Spoon.

Lids that are jammed on tight need a couple knocks with a wooden spoon to loosen them. This helps release the vacuum seal. Once you’ve finished with the spoon, try covering the lid with plastic wrap before twisting it offremoving it will be a cinch!

  1. Keep Sponges Dry and Bacteria-Free with a Binder Clip.

Kitchen sponges have a nasty tendency to attract mildew and germs. It’s no wonderthey’re soaked and covered in tiny food particles, and then they wallow in all that bacteria by the sink! To avoid icky sponges, simply clamp an office binder clip to their bottoms, allowing them to air-dry upright and off of the sink surface.

10. Prevent Honey From Sticking to the Spoon.

It’s tough to measure honey (and other sticky liquids) when it clings onto the spoon so tightly. To combat stickiness, dip your spoon in oil before you measure. That honey will slide right off the spoon, nice and easy!