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70s Kitchen Makeover


Nothing says 1970s home like wood paneling, and this kitchen is yelling loud and clear. It’s amazing how even though in the “after” makeover of this small space there is the added kitchen island, it actually feels a lot more roomier than the “before” photo. With the paneling and the busy tile, the whole space felt really small, but with the neutral colors and cabinets that run up to the ceiling, the whole space really feels bigger!

Cabinet Makeover


While no huge rewired or replumbing was required for this makeover, it’s definitely up there as one of the most significantly changed spaces on this list. It is truly amazing how the old, clunky and outdated cabinets made everything feel closterphobic, not to mention gave everything a nasty yellowish hue. The white cabinets look so much better in this space! Plus, I love the addition of the DIY kitchen island.

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