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10 Kitchen Makeovers That Will Make You Say, “I Should Do That!”

As we grow older, we are excited to reach new milestones. Growing up, we may have had to share a room with a sibling, and we longed for the day we could have a space of our own. As teens, we looked forward to moving out into a college dorm, or an apartment. Then, we traded in outdated appliances and white walls for a home of our own. Whether you’re still in your first home, or you’ve traded one home for another, chances are the next step on the wishlist is to complete a makeover of one room or another. In most homes, the kitchen is often outdated with an old fridge, tacky backsplash colors from the 70s, and retro cabinets – but not in a good way. There’s no doubt that home renovations can be quite pricey, but I bet you’ll be surprised and what you can get accomplished with even the smallest of budgets. Here are our top 10 favorite kitchen makeovers! Which one is your favorite?

Small Space Makeover

Think you need a bigger kitchen to really notice a difference in decor? Think again! With a splash of color on those cabinets, a nice, neutral backsplash, and those big tiles on the floor, this space really feels like it opened up, in the best way possible! I just love those wooden countertops.

Marble & White Makeover

Wow, can you believe this is even the same house?! Granted, this makeover cost a little more than the last one, but I think you’ll agree the “after” is so much better! I love the neutral of the white cabinets and the hardwood floors, and how everything is pulled together with the marble countertops. That statement clock is the perfect accessory, don’t you think?

70s Kitchen Makeover

Nothing says 1970s home like wood paneling, and this kitchen is yelling loud and clear. It’s amazing how even though in the “after” makeover of this small space there is the added kitchen island, it actually feels a lot more roomier than the “before” photo. With the paneling and the busy tile, the whole space felt really small, but with the neutral colors and cabinets that run up to the ceiling, the whole space really feels bigger!

Cabinet Makeover

While no huge rewired or replumbing was required for this makeover, it’s definitely up there as one of the most significantly changed spaces on this list. It is truly amazing how the old, clunky and outdated cabinets made everything feel closterphobic, not to mention gave everything a nasty yellowish hue. The white cabinets look so much better in this space! Plus, I love the addition of the DIY kitchen island.

Fresh Paint

It’s truly amazing what a coat of paint can do. These cabinets are the same, they simply have a new color and some new fixtures and handles. I love how the top and bottom cabinets are different, neutral colors. I already feel less closterphobic looking at them! If you’re truly on a shoe string budget but still want to spruce up the kitchen, maybe a bucket of paint is all you need!

White & Chrome Makeover

Woah! Here is another example of not believing this could be in the same house! I can’t believe all the work that must have gone into installing new counters, appliances, floors, tile, lighfixtures, and everything else. As you can see, it was totally worth it! I love how the chrom really pops in this rennovation.

80s Kitchen Makeover

Isn’t it amazing what some cabinets and new floors can do to space? Not to mention the kitchen bar! I can’t believe that wasn’t what was there all along, it looks like it was made to be a bar from the very beginning. So put away the tiles and dark grout, and get to rennovationg with this inspiration today!

Less Wallpaper… And Wall

I definitely had that wallpaper in my house growing up, and I’m getting some flashbacks! Wow, this rennovation is amazing. Of course, we all knew that wallpaper had to go, but I love the open space with the wall itelf gone as well! With the white cabinets and the dark countertops, this makeover is one of my faves!

Busy Wallpaper Makeover

Another reminder that we should never go back to wallpaper. Everyone repeat after me – we will not go back to wallpaper. Ok, glad we got that out of the way, because seriously, how much better does this space look without the wallpaper?! I love the deep brown of the tiles and the whites of the cabinets and countertop, and how it all flows well with the neutral brown of the wall. What’s not to love?

kitchenette Makeover

This little kitchenette is probably in a mobile home or an RV. You might not think it matters much what that space looks like, but as you can see from this before and after picture above, it actually makes a world of difference! The white cupbards up top are balanced nicely with a bold splash of color on the cabinets beneath. I love it!

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