As we grow older, we are excited to reach new milestones. Growing up, we may have had to share a room with a sibling, and we longed for the day we could have a space of our own. As teens, we looked forward to moving out into a college dorm, or an apartment. Then, we traded in outdated appliances and white walls for a home of our own. Whether you’re still in your first home, or you’ve traded one home for another, chances are the next step on the wishlist is to complete a makeover of one room or another. In most homes, the kitchen is often outdated with an old fridge, tacky backsplash colors from the 70s, and retro cabinets – but not in a good way. There’s no doubt that home renovations can be quite pricey, but I bet you’ll be surprised and what you can get accomplished with even the smallest of budgets. Here are our top 10 favorite kitchen makeovers! Which one is your favorite?