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Like it or not, wearing face masks is probably something that will be with us for the foreseeable future. Might as well make it fun, though, right? Who needs boring black masks or plain, dreary-colored masks? Some of these are hilarious, some clever, and some are downright ridiculous, but that’s okay. We can all use a laugh, especially right now, am I right? Sit back and enjoy these 10 face masks that are sure to make you smile!

Fringe Mask


I wonder how long it takes for all of those tassels to get tangled into a knot. Two days? Three? Maybe even a whole week if you’re extra careful. I love that the model for this is wearing a cowgirl hat as if she’s going to go work on the ranch for the day. I can’t imagine a more inconvenient mask to wear while doing manual labor!

One-Star Review


I think we can all get behind this one-star rating of 2020. It’s been an all-around rough year for everyone.

Coughy Filter


Okay, I would totally wear this mask. It’s punny and talks about coffee. What more do I need? I love the little detail of the Starbucks mermaid also wearing a mask!

Duct Tape


This one made me chuckle. I’m sure we can all think of a few people we’d like to see this mask on…

I Farted


While the phrase is certainly funny, I actually think the model they got for this photo is funnier. I mean, come on! You have to have some sense of humor to pull this kind of mask off, but he looks very serious about the gas he just passed.

FACE Masks


This one… freaks me out a little. Especially that tongue one. However, they are pretty funny to look at, and certainly got a chuckle out of me. I can’t imagine someone wearing one of these, and especially not the model they have! She looks like she regrets some of the choices she’s made that led her to this point.

Happy Face


I’m not sure if this message is supposed to be sarcastic or if it’s genuinely telling people you’re not upset, but it made me smile either way. I’m constantly worried other people will think I’m scowling when I’m really not, so this might be the perfect mask for me!

Written & Directed By…


Yup. Pretty much. I don’t think there’s anything I could add to a statement like that.

Kevin McCallister Mask


I’m sure we’ve all had this reaction at some point this last year. Whether it was in response to staying home, enduring remote learning, watching the news, or any number of activities, Kevin McCallister from the Home Alone movies really captures the spirit of 2020.