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We don’t know about you, but we’re always on the hunt for a fun, new, stylish piece of furniture that doesn’t break the bank. Easier said than done, that’s for sure. Instead of shopping around, however, we’ve discovered a few ways to make our very own trendy furniture for a fraction of the price! Plus, when we do it ourselves, we can customize the look instead of having to choose from the two or three styles offered at the store. Go ahead and check out these fun and easy furniture ideas!

Pallet Ottoman

This looks like something out of a cute and expensive little botique, doesn’t it? The fun fabric and cute little legs of theis ottoman really make this piece unique. You only need five things for this DIY – a pallet, four wooden candle sticks, a foam piece cut to the size of the pallen, batting, and fabric! It’s important to note that pallets that have the “HT” stamp on them are safe for indoor use. Once you have your supplies, it’s time to put it all together.

First, mark off where you want the legs to go on the pallet. Then, screw on the wooden candles sticks. Next, grab the foam section and attach it to the pallet using spray adhesive. Then, cover the foam and pallet with batting, securing it to the pallet with a staple gun. Repeat the process with the fabric. That’s it!

Ladder Book Shelf

The shabby chic look is totally in right now! We’ve seen cute shelves like the one pictured above go for hundreds of dollars. Lucky for you, with a few free hours and some basic supplies, you can have your own shabby chic ladder shelf for pennies on the dollar. Go ahead and grab an old wooden ladder, probably found at your local thrift store, a bucket of paint, and some plywood cut in the dimensions below. The rest is pretty self-explanatory; pain the plywood and ladder and then attach the pieces with a hammer and nails.

Outdoor Bench

Looking for cute outdoor furniture? We’ve got you covered! For this project, you’ll need 14 cinder blocks, outdoor spray paint, four 4x4s, and come plants. Paint the cinder blocks and stain and seal the 4x4s. Then, arrange the cinder blocks and secure by using outdoor adhesive. Make sure to put the last cinder block on each side facing up so you can use the holes as planters. Then, slide the 4x4s into the slots provided by the cinder blocks. That’s it!

See the other cute and easy ideas in the video below!

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