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Bubble and Squeak

Traditionally made from the leftovers of a Sunday roast dinner, this traditional British dish is a combination of mashed potatoes and chopped veggies such as cabbage, broccoli and brussel sprouts that are mixed together and pan fried in a little oil. If you’re wondering (as we were) about how the recipe got its name, just listen to the sound the veggies make when you toss them into a hot skillet – little bubbles and squeaks! Get the delicious recipe here!

Lancashire Hotpot

This dish has everything that we crave- hearty potatoes with a crispy top, stewed beef in a creamy gravy, and lots of onions and carrots. Lancashire hotpot is basically a thick stew with a potato crust. It’s a crowd pleaser and belly warmer. This recipe uses cubed stew meat, but the original British recipe calls for lamb meat. We love the slightly crisp but still soft potatoes on top, and the layering effect makes the whole dish look rustic, but with a little bit of elegance. Get the traditional recipe here!

Jacket Potatoes

“Jacket potatoes” are the British version of a loaded baked potato and are usually stuffed to the brim with yummy toppings, such as chili, tuna salad, chicken or bacon. We kept these jacket potatoes pretty simple: choosing to fill them just with beans and cheese that’s all you need for these taters (or in Scotland, “tatties”) to be delicious! Get the addictive recipe here!

Raisin Bread And Butter Pudding

Sometimes the simplest dishes are the ones we crave the most; we think it’s because they remind us of home and family gatherings. Across the pond, bread and butter pudding is English comfort food at its best. Generations have enjoyed this simple dish made with slices of plain bread turned pudding, with copious amounts of butter and sugar. Get the delightful recipe here!