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10+ Affordable Backyard DIYs To Try This Weekend!

Get the backyard ready for summer with these projects!

The days are warming up as spring gives way to summer, and that means we’re ready to spend lazy afternoons and evenings out on the porch! Whether you’re looking for garden upgrades, creative lighting solutions, or cement porch improvements, there’s something for everyone on this list!

Glowing Flower Lights


I love these lights! You can’t really tell from this picture, but there are little LED candles inside of the paper maché bowls, which makes for a beautiful, glowing light for the table. If you’ve ever done a paper maché project before, then you know the drill. Mix water, flour, and salt in a bowl and then dip strips of paper into the mixture. For this DIY, you’ll blow up a balloon and prop it up by sticking the tied end in a glass.

Then, wrap your strips around the balloon until it’s all covered. While the paper maché mixture is still wet, press petals from live flowers around the outside. Once dry, simply pop the balloon, trim up the edge, and stick an LED candle inside!


Raised Flower Garden


Raised flower gardens don’t have to be a complicated, time-consuming project. To get this cute garden, start by clearing off a space in your yard. Mark off the spot with some bricks, and then pour sand over the ground. Using a heavy, flat surface, pound the sand into the ground until it’s an even, compact layer.

Then, continue building up the brick walls until you reach your desired height. After that, fill it up with soil and get to planting! This is such a great way to add some extra gardening space, plus it helps protect plants from rabbits and other creatures who are harmful to them.


Faux Stone Porch


Want to upgrade the old cement patio, but don’t quite have it in the budget this year? Here’s a creative solution! You can grab one of these stencils or a similar one at any home improvement store. Then gather the colors of spray paint you want – probably some variation of cream, tan, and dark brown.

Once you have your supplies, start by washing off the cement patio. Once dry, place your stencil down and fill in the separate sections with different colors. Add a few layers of different colors to get more of a realistic effect. Repeat this process until the area is covered. Then, spray on a protective coat, and enjoy your “new” patio!


Get the rest of the projects in the video below!