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Simply-Seasoned Spatchcock Chicken

The time it can take to roast a whole chicken… well, it can make the idea of a store-bought, rotisserie version a pretty-tempting, often less-healthy choice. At least, that’s what most people think until they learn an AMAZING, easy technique for roasting a whole chicken in half the original time called, “spatchcock” or “butterfly”. We can’t wait to share something so simple that, once you get the hang of it, will cut down down your time in the kitchen while achieving a perfectly golden chicken!

1. Get Everything Ready

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First, take a whole, raw chicken and unwrap it in the sink or over a deep pan to keep the mess at a minimum. Pull out any organs that might be inside and put them in the chicken wrapper to toss unless you plan to use or freeze them. Let the chicken sit out on the counter in a deep dish or on a plastic cutting board for 1-2 hours if possible to bring to room temperature for even cooking.

While your chicken rests, mix seasoning of your choosing together. We love that you can choose any flavor you want with this technique from a simple, traditional rub to fresh herbs and global flavors. It’s really your call. You could also think about making a simple sauce or a gravy if you have the time. The only other ingredients you will need by your side for later are olive oil (or spray oil), salt, and pepper.


For tools, save more time and pull out your sharpest shears (preferably kitchen shears) and clean them thoroughly. You could use a very sharp knife, but raw chicken can be pretty darn slippery and shears make the process easier and faster. You will also need a cookie sheet (non-stick will be easiest to clean) and a spatula, preferably the widest one you’ve got. Oh, you will also want to pull a bunch of paper towels and have your trash bin close by. Once your chicken is room temp, preheat your oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.

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