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18 Of Our Favorite Foreign Recipes!

Here are 18 of our favorite recipes from around globe to help you bring the wide world into your kitchen.

Beautiful Burmese Crab Rangoon

18 Foreign Favorites That Will Make You Drool With Delight!
Crispy wontons and sweet, creamy crab meat; crab rangoon really is incredible. The trick to making this recipe best is to use fresh crab meat if you can. Get the full recipe here!

Mouthwatering Moussaka

18 Foreign Favorites That Will Make You Drool With Delight!
Moussaka isn’t necessarily a strict Greek dish. There are many ways to make it in the Mediterranean, however we’re much more accustomed to the lasagna-like Greek moussaka served in a casserole dish, and of course served hot. Like any lasagna, it can take a little time and effort to make, but the end product is absolutely worth it. Get the full recipe here!

Bubble And Squeak

If you’re wondering (as we were) about how the recipe got its name, just listen to the sound the veggies make when you toss them into a hot skillet – little bubbles and squeaks! Get The full recipe here!

Kodafa Honey Cake

Kodafa Cake is a delicious sweet that gets its honey and pistachio goodness from the Middle East. Get the full recipe here!

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