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10 Foods We Miss That You Won’t Find in Grocery Stores Today

Do you ever look around the grocery for a snack that’s been discontinued for a long time? Yeah, we miss them, too. These discontinued foods had such great flavors! Some of them we miss because they were so new and never seen before! Others we miss just because they tasted so good. Do you remember these ten foods from years ago? Have a look below at these long-gone grocery items.

1) Triple-Treat Ice Cream

Some folks considered Sealtest to be the best brand of ice cream for many years. When they introduced their Triple-Treat with three flavors in a cool pattern in the 1950s, it was a novelty to have this colorful dessert! Tasted so yummy, too.

2) Hershey’s BarNone candy bar

Yummy layers coated in chocolate: what’s not to like? There was a time when this was a personal favorite. This 1980s candy boasts an online community that wants to bring this baby back! It looks like there might be a company trying to re-release this great candy.

3) Jell-o Chiffon Pie Filling

There are plenty of pie fillings out there, but this one was divine. The lemon and the chocolate flavors were both really good!

Jell-o Chiffon Pie Filling

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4) Stouffer’s Ice Cream

With only a short-lived presence on supermarket shelves in 1974, this dessert did not hang around long. There is a lot of competition in the ice cream game.

Ice cream

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5) Jets Cereal

If you wanted sugar and vitamins, then this was the cereal for you. When something has “sugar” in the name you know it’s going to be good. The fun shapes were also a big hit. You can watch a TV spot for this breakfast treat below.

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